Welcome to the Canadian Research Data Centre Network's (CRDCN) Researcher Survey!

Since its creation in 2000, the Canadian Research Data Centre Network (CRDCN), in partnership with Statistics Canada's Research Data Centre Program and participating universities, has transformed quantitative social science and health research in Canada. The CRDCN provides access to several transversal and longitudinal surveys conducted by Statistics Canada at no cost to faculty members and graduate students from participating universities. This has helped to dramatically expand the use of these surveys for research purposes. We are proud of this achievement, but the development and maintenance of this kind of infrastructure involves substantial costs which are paid for by grants from the SSHRC, CFI, CIHR, several provincial funding agencies and other partners, in addition to contribution from your university and Statistics Canada.

To maintain this kind of support, it is imperative to document the output stemming from the research undertaken in the RDCs. This is why your collaboration by completing this questionnaire is so crucial. Your responses will help illustrate the value-added nature of this research infrastructure and will be used to inform our partners about the level and quality of research undertaken throughout the Network, about the resulting publications and related knowledge transfer activities. And, eventually, get new partners on board.

By filling out this survey, you will also increase the visibility of your own research. For example, your publications will be listed in our online bibliography which is updated regularly based on your reports; they could also be further highlighted by featuring in one of our Knowledge synthesis, in our Research Highlight series or in a webinar. We invite you to visit the CRDCN's website to find out more about these knowledge transfer opportunities.